£10m pay out from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust for mistakes made during a baby’s delivery

A 12 year old boy as won a huge compensation pay out from an NHS Hospital Trust as a result of them accepting mistakes were made during his birth.A top judge has ruled that the boys birth was “negligently mishandled” in December 2002 and as a result he is left facing a lifetime of dependence on others.

During the 11 day hearing the Court heard how during his birth he was starved of oxygen as medical staff failed to diagnose dangerous ‘abnormal’ changes during the final stages of the mothers labour. He had a swelling on the brain as a result of the traumatic birth and is now left with cerebral palsy which affects all four of his limbs and he can only communicate through a specially designed machine which uses his eyes to choose words.

The boy sued the Hospital Trust via his mother who has suffered not just in terms of not having a healthy baby but also who had to give up life as she knew it, her career, her home and become a full time carer for her son. She had been renting a bungalow but will now be able to buy a home and have it specially designed to suit her child’s needs and improve his quality of life.

The Court proceedings took a long time as there was some dispute about levels of compensation but it has been confirmed that it will exceed £10 million and may possibly be a record in a clinical negligence case. The pay out includes £290,000 for the boys pain and suffering and the remainder will cover his lost earnings, specialised accommodation and his future care.

Mistakes like these are thankfully very rare but when they do happen they have devastating consequences for the patient and the family as a whole. Compensation is essential in order to provide the lifetime care for the victim which may include household modifications, round the clock medical care and rehabilitation.

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