£11k settlement for being bitten by bed bugs and food poisoning on holiday of a lifetime!

By booking a five star hotel, you would think that bed bugs would be a non-issue but, for one family, they were the cause of a disastrous holiday from hell.

The family of four were looking forward to an amazing five star family holiday after treating themselves to the best they could afford. It was supposed to be the ultimate in relaxation and luxury but it turned out to be anything but.

The nightmare started on the very first morning the family woke up in the hotel. The mother awoke to find her lower legs to be covered in small red bites. There were literally hundreds of red, angry, itchy bites and she had to get the local doctor to visit her who prescribed painkillers, gave her a cortisone injection, anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories.

She was unable to leave the room due to the pain and discomfort and spent the entire holiday inside the hotel room feeling sick and unable to eat.

She said: ‘It was the holiday from hell,’

‘I didn’t have a holiday. I was in the hotel room the whole time, apart from the last day.

‘Being really sick and losing weight isn’t what you expect while you are supposed to be relaxing.

‘We wanted a nice break in the sun with our family after working so hard all year and had been looking forward to it for months.

‘On the first morning we thought my bites were from mosquitoes. But I’d been bitten by them before and I didn’t end up having 50 bites on my leg like I did this time.’

As a result of the bites the woman’s partner complained and the hotel moved them to another room but the whole family started to get cramps and sickness and diarrhoea.

The family complained that the rooms they were offered were not up to standard and were dirty, they also claim that the hotel restaurants had dirty crockery and cutlery and some meals appeared to have been reheated and re-served.

The holiday maker said:
‘I couldn’t eat or drink for three days,’

‘I felt absolutely rotten. I was so gutted. This was the holiday I’d been waiting for for a year and I couldn’t even spend it with my daughter, my fiancée or his mum.

‘I couldn’t be out in the sunshine, I couldn’t swim or enjoy any of the facilities.

‘My little girl was so excited to go on the aqua park. That’s why we went to that hotel, so she would enjoy herself too.’

Her partner said: ‘We had been looking forward to this well-deserved break for over a year and it very quickly turned into a nightmare.

‘It was an awful holiday and the effects of the illness left us completely shell shocked. I’m relieved we now have a fair settlement and just hope that no one else suffers from a similar situation in future.’

The Tour operator through which the family booked the holiday settled their claim out of court without an admission of liability.


We spend a lot of money on our annual holidays and tour operators have a duty of care to their customers that they don’t get sick or injured from any of the resorts that they operate from. It is their responsibility to comprehensively vet their hotels kitchens and sanitary facilities and ensure their customers are safe and well. Food poisoning can be fatal for vulnerable people who have health conditions or woman who are pregnant, so it should not be ignored.

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