£17k in pothole compensation for Council in 2015

Under the 1980 Highways Act, a council can be liable if a roads defects causes someone “to suffer an injury or damage to property.”  Road users have been exercising their rights to compensation when their vehicles become damaged by potholes.

Consistently poor road surfaces are a menace to 2 and 4 wheel road users and can dismount cyclists and cause considerable damage to vehicles suspension and tyres.  The freedom of information act has meant that there is now open access to this information from councils and one in particular had paid out over £17k in compensation and still had claims outstanding,

The information showed that the Council had settled 61 claims for damage to vehicles caused by potholes amounting to £16,656 but there were 426 claims which amounted to £780k in compensation.  There are still 5 claims that have been unresolved.

If you have been in an accident or received damage to yourself or your car that was not your fault and as a result of potholes then you may be entitled to compensation.

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