£2 million payout for misdiagnosed spinal injury

Medics failed to recognise a patient had a collapsed disc and as a result she is now disabled; She will received £2m in compensation due to their error.Without receiving an MRI scan, a woman was discharged after complaining about back pain at her local hospital. This error led to surgery being delayed and so prolonged her suffering from constant back pain.

The NHS Foundation trust admitted negligence but disputed the amount of damages that were being claimed, and accused the patient of exaggerating her condition. The Trust has apologised for failing to provide the care she was entitled to, which led to her suffering from cauda equine syndrome.
The final amount of compensation has yet to be agreed but it is thought it should be just over £2.4m. A spokesman said they hope the sum awarded in court will help to support the patient’s quality of life which was compromised due to a medical error.

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