£3m of NHS money goes on plastic and cosmetic surgery

Wales: £3m of NHS money gets spent on plastic and cosmetic surgery every year, it has been revealed.

Surgeons are performing operations on a regular basis now with the nose, ears, breasts and stomachs all coming under the knife.

Last year alone over 2,000 patients in Wales decided to brave an operation.


However hospitals have insisted that very few of the operations are for cosmetic surgery, and only get the green light if its proven to be a benefit to the patient’s health.

Campaign director of the Taxpayers’ Alliance Emma Boon has voiced her concerns over the expenditure: “The NHS is there for the treatment of those people who are ill and need medical attention and help.

“That’s what taxpayers think of when they think of the NHS – they don’t imagine their money is being spent on cosmetic surgery that in some cases simply isn’t justifiable.”

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