£70,000 payout for child bitten by dangerous dog

Its every parent’s worst nightmare, hearing the screams of their child playing in their back garden being attacked by a neighbour’s dog. Well this was one families reality after their 6 year old son was set upon by a neighbours dog who managed to jump through a broken, wooden fence.

The young boy was bitten in the face and is likely to be scarred for life. He needed emergency surgery at a specialist Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery and has had multiple skin grafts since the incident. He will need ongoing operations into his teenage years to limit the scarring.

The owner of the dog was prosecuted for failing to control his dog and the parents of the dog attack launched a civil action against the home owner (mother of the dog owner) for not maintaining their garden fence. The boy was awarded £70,000 in compensation for the boys pain and suffering both physical and emotional.

His father said: “This action was never about the money but the principle.
“People need to be able to feel safe in their neighbourhoods without fear of attack from dogs.
“Now hopefully this award will act as a deterrent to unruly dog owners and afford some protection to residents in similar situations.”

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