£800k fine for construction company after employee run over by HGV

The Health and Safety Executive has investigated a construction company after one of its employees was suffered life-threatening injuries after being run over by a heavy goods vehicle. The worker was actually the site foreman of a large housing development and he was struck as he walking along the site road.

The accident happened when the Bulk powder carrier had reversed into a junction and the employee was walking along the near side of the vehicle and as it pulled away toward the nearside it hit the foreman and dragged him under the wheels.

HI injuries were extensive and life-threatening as you would expect from an HGV. He sustained a seriously fractured leg, hand and hip and lost a lot of skin from his left arm and leg. He now has one leg shorter than the other which affects his mobility.

The HSE investigation found that the company had not managed the risks involved with vehicles on the site providing safe pedestrian routes around the site protected from vehicles. The Crown Court heard that the accident could have been prevented if they had monitored and ensured employees and visitors to the site stayed behind the pedestrian barriers and also prevented HGVs from reversing over 100metres at a time around the site.

The construction company was fined £800k plus ordered to pay legal costs of nearly £11k after pleading guilty to breaches of Regulation 36 (1) of the Construction (Design and Management).
HSE’s inspector said.

“……. suffered life-changing injuries because …………….. Limited did not properly manage and monitor the workplace transport on their construction site. When working with such large delivery vehicles and construction plant, especially on projects where there are lots of pedestrians, the principal contractor much take responsibility and ensure the health and safety of all those involved.”

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