A man has been imprisoned for 5 1/2 years after pretending to be a registered dentist

An unregistered dentist took on the identity of a qualified dentist to get a job in the UK has left a trail of pain and destruction in his wake.

He illegally practiced dentistry in a clinic and left numerous patients in pain and discomfort after conducting procedures poorly and often without sufficient experience.
He used a false name of a registered dentist and was only found out after concerns were raised by a number of patients and when he used his personal email to send employment details to the new owners of the clinic which showed his real name.

Although he had a dental degree, the 44 year old was unregistered in the UK but still managed to treat 600 patients without being found out. Dental authorities have received numerous complaints about botched procedures that have left patients with painful and uncomfortable dental problems.

He was arrested and bailed in October 2014 but fled the country to Sweden and practiced dentistry there. Eventually he was extradited back to the UK and has now been convicted and sentenced to 5 ½ years in prison for practising dentistry without being registered.

An ex-patient commented on his sentencing:

‘He didn’t seem to be knowledgeable in the work he was doing on me.

‘On one occasion when he was trying to fit a new crown he kept going out of the room and asking other people.

‘It was also a very painful experience. I was in agony.

‘He was trying to get it to fit for around an hour-and-a-half. It was very painful. He kept going out of the surgery and coming back in and starting again.’

He now faces legal action from a number of patients.

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