Actress Lindsay Lohan Involved in Car Accident

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been involved in a minor car accident in Los Angeles, California.

Lohan, who was behind the wheel of a black Porsche Panemera, crashed in to the back of a Ford Mustang at a set of traffic lights while she was driving down Sunset Boulevard.

“We were sitting at a light and somebody hit us,” the accident victim explained to press. 

She explained that a male passenger emerged from the vehicle, apologised and left a contact number before explaining that they had to go because the paparazzi where following them. 

According to the website TMZ, the damage to the Mustang was minor, and it is not known if Lohan was injured in the accident. 

This is the second time the actress has been involved in a car accident in two months. 

Last month the 26-year-old lost control of her vehicle resulting in a huge crash, however it later emerged that it was down to a mechanical failure. 

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