Actress ‘off the hook’ after car incident behind top-end hotel

Actress Lindsay Lohan looks to be ‘off the hook’ after being arrested for leaving the scene of an accident last month.

Lohan was involved in a car incident where her Porsche allegedly clipped a pedestrian in an alleyway behind a top-end Manhattan Hotel.

New York prosecutors confirmed that Lohan’s court appearance had been cancelled and no future date was scheduled, indicating that the district attorney had decided not to proceed with the case.

“Apparently prosecutors agreed that there wasn’t enough to proceed,” said a spokesperson for the actress.

“This turned out to be nothing just like we said from the very beginning.”

The 26-year-old, who has made several court appearances and been in and out of rehab and prison since 2007 was charged on September 19th when a man claimed that the actress’ can had hit him behind the Dream hotel.

Police gave Lohan a ticket and a court appearance.

A spokesperson from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office declined to comment on why the case was dropped.

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