After the Event Insurance premiums provide peace of mind

Court costs can be significant with expenses running into the tens of thousands of pounds.  Should you be unfortunate to lose your case then you could be looking at serious financial hardship as you repay the costs over a number of years.

In a recent Supreme Court case involving a family dispute, a father and son were in court to dispute the ownership of a house after the father provided funds to his son to purchase a property.  The son bought the property and put the title deeds in his own name and claimed the money from his father was a gift.

The father decided to take his son to Court due to the size of the monies involved and the Court sided with him and agreed the funds were an advance to buy a house for him and not a gift.  They ordered that the title deeds should be transferred into the father’s name.

As this was a Supreme Court case the costs were very high and the father knew that should he lose he would incur large costs for his AND his son’s legal expenses.  He had the foresight to take out After the Event (ATE) insurance which provided cover of up to £100,000.  Luckily he won the case and having the ATE insurance gave him peace of mind to press on with the litigation.  Often the cost of litigation can determine whether you pursue your case or not.

By having ATE insurance you can manage the cost risks involved in litigation and Claimant law can help you find the right premium for your individual case.  Contact us now to find out about this new service we offer and get your own peace of mind.