Artist wins £37,000 compensation in medical negligence claim

An artist from Leicestershire has won £37,000 in compensation after a problem with an operation left her unable to use her left arm.

The woman, from Cosby, suffered the damage when the surgeon severed nerves in her armpit during an operation at Leicester’s Glenfield Hospital in April 2009.

The original mistake and the delay in follow-up treatment has left her almost completely unable to use her left arm and hand, and she is still not able to straighten her arm.

As well as paying the £37,500 settlement, bosses at the hospital have also confirmed that they have made changes to ensure that this kind of accident doesn’t happen again.

“If something had been done more quickly I might have been able to regain some of the use of my arm and wrist,” said the medical negligence victim, who is now 70 years old.

“As it is, I can’t raise my wrist, it just sort of hangs and my fingers are numb. I haven’t painted since it happened. It is difficult to hold a piece of paper and it is now difficult to do everyday things like chopping food because there is no weight in my hand to hold things still.

“It is a constant reminder of what has happened.”

A spokesperson from the hospital in question said: “We have shared the results of the detailed investigation with those involved to try to prevent similar circumstances in future and I would once again like to offer Mrs Gold our most sincere apologies.”

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