Road traffic collision results in emergency services cutting driver free from vehicle

An accident on a busy artery road to a city centre caused chaos on roads when they were closed whilst Police, fire crews and paramedics dealt with a serious accident.  (more…)

Under the 1980 Highways Act, a council can be liable if a roads defects causes someone “to suffer an injury or damage to property.”  Road users have been exercising their rights to compensation when their vehicles become damaged by potholes. (more…)

The Health and Safety Executive has investigated a construction company after one of its employees was suffered life-threatening injuries after being run over by a heavy goods vehicle. The worker was actually the site foreman of a large housing development and he was struck as he walking along the site road. (more…)

Back at the end of June this year we reported on the news that the General Medical Council (GMC) had published a guide advising patients on how to go about researching and checking their clinic and surgeon before undergoing cosmetic surgery invasive or non-invasive.  The industry is growing at quite a rate and in 2015 there were more than 51,000 private cosmetic procedures performed in the UK. (more…)

A salvage firm has been fined after being found guilty of breaching Health and Safety in the Workplace rules.  The company under investigation had featured on television programmes but this negative publicity may affect its chances of appearing on any television programmes in the future. (more…)

Last year there were 88 claims made against the United Lincolnshire hospitals trust which resulted in £11.9 million in damages being paid out for clinical negligence by the NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA). On top of this they also had to cover the legal costs on both sides which equated to £6.4 million. (more…)

Fire and emergency crews were called to the site of an accident whereby a 63-year-old woman had become trapped in her vehicle after being involved in a road traffic accident involving 3 other vehicles. (more…)

An unregistered dentist took on the identity of a qualified dentist to get a job in the UK has left a trail of pain and destruction in his wake. (more…)

An Air Ambulance crew and paramedics were called to a busy road after there had been reports of an accident at approximately 12.30pm. The accident involved a car and a motorbike and it is thought the motorcyclist was dismounted and required urgent medical treatment on the roadside. (more…)

A worker was rushed to hospital after losing two fingers in a workplace accident. The incident happened at a recycling centre which had already been under investigation after employers were at risk of inhaling toxic fumes from plastics. (more…)

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