Botched cosmetic surgery costs £7 million in compensation

According to a newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ report out recently, the number of patients disappointed with their medical care during and after cosmetic surgery is increasing. According to their sources, unhappy patients have claimed over £7 million in compensation pay-outs for anything from lopsided breast augmentations to serious facial disfigurement or even a perforated bowel.

The majority of the issues seems to lie with patients not being properly informed of the risks post surgery and also the realistic outcome, physically. According to the Medical Defence Union, breast implants, nose jobs and face-lifts accounted for the majority of claims where patients were unhappy with the results or suffered post op complications.

The more serious complications, which end up having lasting effects, get the biggest pay outs, such as nerve damage or ongoing pain. Large pay-outs have also been awarded where  patients are unable to return to work as a result of their surgery and lost earnings.

In a society where it is becoming more and more socially acceptable to go under the knife to improve physical looks, the sums of money being spent are huge, reportedly £250 million last year alone. If you feel that your surgeon did not properly inform you of the risks or of a realist aesthetic result after surgery then you may be entitled to compensation. If you are unhappy with any stage of your cosmetic surgery consultation, procedure or post op care then contact Claimant Law now to discuss your individual case with a professional who understands how sensitive this issue is.

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