British Woman Fights for Life After Holiday Accident

A British woman is fighting for her life in hospital after a holiday accident where she fell 80ft from a balcony.

The 24-year-old suffered multiple personal injuries including skull fractures when she fell 80ft from her hotel balcony.

Police say that the incident happened after the woman had been having an argument with her mu,.

““Witnesses have told us Chantelle was rowing with her mum in the room,” a source told press.

“She then went out onto the balcony and climbed up on the railing.

“We believe she lost her balance and fell, landing on the first floor balcony. We don’t believe she threw herself off intentionally. It was a tragic accident.”

One eye-witness reported that a suitcase full of clothes was thrown off the balcony moments before the British holiday maker fell.

The woman is the fourth British holiday maker to fall from a balcony in six weeks.

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