Building Company Fined after Inflicting Personal Injury

A building company from Waltham Cross has been fined after inflicting personal injury to a woman as she stood waiting for a bus. 

Concentra Ltd was prosecuted after inspectors found that the accident, which happened in 2008, could have been prevented. 

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard how a member of the public was waiting for a bus on York Road in London when she was hit by a piece of machinery being lifted up to the fifth floor of a nearby office block. 

The woman suffered severe personal injuries including broken bones, cuts and injuries to the head. She was in hospital for a total of eight days and the injuries effected her work and social life.

The investigation found that a crane and lifting sling were being used to lift a 380kg air handling unit. The crane was not fitted correctly and as the lift was being performed, the unit hit part of the building and fell, hitting the member of public.

A spokesperson from the investigation said: “Concentra Ltd failed in its duty to manage the safety of persons affected by its activities. A high risk activity such as using a crane to lift this sort of load on the site should have been fully risk assessed during the planning stages of the project.”

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