Burton Hospitals issues apology for missed cancer treatment times

A hospital Trust has issued letters of apology to cancer patients after it failed to meet the national health targets in June. The hospitals failed to ensure that at least 85%s of cancer patients received urgent , often lifesaving treatment within 62 days of referral.

The reason for the apologies from hospital bosses because they missed the target by more than 15% with only 69.9% receiving care within government guidelines.

Burton Hospital bosses apology reads:

“The trust is addressing this issue with additional capacity and resources and has developed an action plan to ensure we tackle any underlying problems that are currently being experienced.

“I would like to apologise to any patients who have experienced a delay and we are optimistic that the trust will achieve the target again in the near future.”

Time is of the essence in cancer care, the sooner you are diagnosed and treated, the higher your chances of survival. Unfortunately the national target of 62-day referral was not met across many hospitals in England and figures have shown that, on average, it was the sixth month in a row that national targets were missed.

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