Burton Woman Seriously Injured in Late Night Assult

A 23-year-old from Burton, who has not been named, has suffered serious head injuries after she was assaulted at 11pm on Saturday. 

The girl was taken to Buton’s Queen’s Hospital by ambulance before being transferred to Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre where she currently remains in a stable condition. 

Burton CID are now running investigations into the incident in which another 23-year-old woman also suffered minor head and arm injuries. 

A 29-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of causing assault and criminal damage. 

Its is not yet known if either of the pair are looking to claim criminal injury compensation for the attack.

“We have established that a female with serious head injuries was assaulted with a blunt instrument, causing a significant injury to her head,” said a spokesperson for the force. 

“Urgent medical intervention has ensured her condition remains stable.

“We know there was a large commotion in the street and that a group of people, if not directly involved in the incident, assisted in defusing the situation.”

Police are now analysing further evidence to try and piece together how the incident happened. 

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