Bus collision injures six people

A coach collided with four cars on an eastbound carriageway on the M4 causing six people to be seriously injured.

Police said the first accident happened after the coach, taking pensioners to see the Top Hat musical, collided with four other cars on the eastbound carriageway.

The most seriously injured person was taken by Air Ambulance to the City’s University Hospital while the others were either taken by land ambulance to the two local hospitals nearby.

Many of the casualties, mostly women, were shaken but not seriously injured but there were six people who were more seriously hurt. The Police have stated that none of the people involved in the accident are believed to have life threatening or life changing injuries.

Shortly after this collision, a car towing another vehicle overturned on the westbound carriageway next to the first accident but luckily no-one was injured.

One eye witness bravely stopped on the hard shoulder to help the injured, as he was an off duty fireman and knew what to do:

“All of a sudden I saw on the other side (of the road) a lot of queuing stationary traffic to go up to the slip road,” he said.

“Then the minibus went into the back of a car, the car then went into the back of a Range Rover and that then went into another car, which spun out and scrunched.”

“I jumped over the barrier and a woman in the car which spun out was breathing but unconscious. But I got her to come round by talking to her and doing what I’m trained to do,” he said.

“An off-duty nurse then took over from me while I then helped other walking wounded.

“It was crazy and surreal.”

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