Campaigners Call for Ban on Cosmetic Surgery Advertising

Feminist writer and campaigner Natasha Walters has called on the government to ban advertising for cosmetic surgery procedures. 
Walters and other campaigners have claimed that the adverts “ruthlessly prey” on women and trivialise the health risks of complex procedures. 


The campaigners have jumped on the back of a series of leading plastic surgeons who recently confirmed they were in favor of having advertising banned. 
In a joint statement, Walters and her campaigners said: “Just as rules prevent prescription medicines being advertised in the interests of public health, we urge the government to prohibit the advertising of cosmetic surgery.”
A group of the feminist campaigners who have signed the statement say that womens magazines are largely at fault for claiming to promote “body confidence” while at the same time publishing adverts for cosmetic surgery. 
“Cosmetic surgery adverts also ruthlessly prey on women’s widespread dissatisfaction, making false promises of confidence and self-esteem. The reality is that people who have undergone cosmetic surgery are more likely to have lower self-esteem than those who haven’t, and women who have undergone breast implants are three times more likely to kill themselves than the general population,” said Banyard, who helped launch the new anti-advert campaign.