Care home worker receives 5 figure payout

A Care home worker was awarded £50,000 sum after she fell 20ft down a lift shaft whilst trying to take a wheelchair bound woman in her care into a lift on the second floor.

The accident happened as she was trying to reverse a 96-year-old lady into a lift and suddenly both fell 20ft to the ground floor. The lift shaft was faulty and the doors had opened but the lift itself was still on the ground floor. Sadly the 96-year-old great grandmother died from her injuries but the 52 year old care worker survived despite having the woman and her wheelchair fall on top of her leaving her unconscious.

The woman had been a carer for 29 years and loved her job but was left with a broken back, ribs, left foot and she also punctured her lung. Due to the severity of her injuries and the mental distress she suffered as a result of her ordeal, she sort legal action against the owners of the care home and was awarded fair compensation.

She said: ‘The money doesn’t mean a thing to me. The most precious thing we have is our health.

‘I know I am very lucky to be alive but life has changed so much because of that terrible accident. I take 32 tablets a day and I am never free from pain.

‘I still have terrible nightmares thinking of May and her family. I am constantly plagued by that terrible day.

‘I feel so angry – this accident would not have accident if the owners had got the faulty lift fixed as they should.’

‘I loved my job so much. I had been a carer for 29 years and it meant so much to me working with elderly people. I only wish I could turn back time.

‘The owners knew that lift wasn’t working properly but they allowed us to carry on using it. If it had been fixed this accident would never have happened.

The owners of the care home were fined by the HSE , £75,000 and ordered to pay £25,000 costs for health and safety breaches.

This is a tragic case of business owners taking financial short cuts on their staff and clients safety and well being which has led to the ultimate penalty.  Remember that your client has a duty to ensure your working environment is safe and to compensate you if their negligence leads to you becoming sick or injured.

We deal with anything from falls, loss of limbs, brain or spinal injury, burns, dermatitis, whiplash, lacerations or even work related stress/anxiety so whatever it is that happened to you, it is worth checking with us if you have a case.

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