Motorcycle Accident Claim – August 2009

The Claimant was riding his motorbike along a main road displaying his headlight when the Defendant’s tractor emerged from a gateway into the path of the Claimant and collided with the Claimant’s bike knocking him to the floor and the rear wheel of the Defendant’s tractor ran over the Claimant causing him to sustain a fractured coccyx, fractured ribs and a fractured right index finger.

The Defendant drove away from the accident scene. The Claimant telephoned the police who located the Defendant in a nearby farm and he denied involvement. The Claimant’s bike was written off by the impact and the Claimant had tractor trye marks running over his leather motorbike jacket.

Medical evidence was collated and proceedings issued which continued to 3 days before trial before the Defendant conceded liability in full.

The PAV of the bike was over £4,000.00

The Claimant also incurred hire charges of over £8,000.00. Arguments were raised in relation to rate and the Claimant proved he was impecunious and the need for the hired bike.

The case settled for a global figure of £18,643.59 including, personal injury, PAV of the bike, hire charges, property damage and miscellaneous expenses.

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