Motorcycle Accident Claim – Currently open case

We are currently acting for a motorcycle rider, who was unfortunately involved in an accident in August 2006 when riding his, Gilera Runner scooter.

He approached a junction with traffic lights which were green, and turned right into the outside lane. He then approached a further traffic light junction. As he approached the junction the traffic lights changed to amber, so he slowed down and stopped at the junction. He then waited for the lights to turn to green and set off again.

As he proceeded straight across the junction, he was hit by a car coming in the opposite direction turning right across his path. He was thrown off his scooter, hit the front of the car and fell onto the road, hitting his head very hard leaving him dizzy and groggy with resulting in soft tissue injuries, whiplash and consequent anxiety when riding his scooter.

The driver of the car suggested that there may be a fault with the timing of the lights relying on this as his defence to turning right across a junction when it was clearly not safe to do so.

We applied for a copy of the traffic signal report from the Director of Highways which states that having searched through their fault records for one week either side of the incident there were no reported faults, therefore confirming that the installation was working correctly at the time and date of the incident, therefore supporting the client’s version of events that his green light was showing.

It pays to explore all avenues to establish the full picture. We are confident of at least a split liability on this case.