Motorcycle Accident Claim 2 – August 2009

We are currently acting for a client who was proceeding along a main road towards a junction when the third party attempted to pull out from a side road and in so doing caused our client to take evasive action by braking and pulling his vehicle to the right.

As a result of this evasive action our client lost control of his motorcycle which slid from beneath him. Our client suffered a fracture to his right clavicle as well as bruising to his ribs and shock. As no collision between the vehicles occurred, the third party stated that her vehicle was stationary at the said junction and that our client had been travelling at speed, baked and subsequently lost control of his motorcycle.

As liability was being disputed by the third party, County Court proceedings were commenced in relation to our client’s claim and all evidence and witness statements were forwarded to Counsel for his perusal and opinion.

The matter was listed for Trial on 6th August 2008 where Judgment was awarded in full favour of our client with sums in relation to personal injury, loss of earnings, care and assistance, recovery and storage, vehicle loss and loss of use be paid within 21 days.