Road Traffic Accident – May 2009

We recently acted for a seventeen year old minor whose vehicle was stationary and unattended when a third party vehicle reversed into the same, resulting in the client’s vehicle being written off.

Our client had two independent witnesses who witnessed the third party reversing into our client’s vehicle and also driving away from the scene without reporting the accident or leaving details. After tracing the third party vehicle, the owners stated the vehicle was not in the vicinity at the time of the accident and had no knowledge of their vehicle having reversed into our client’s vehicle.

After various exchanges of correspondence, and as liability was still being disputed by the third party, County Court proceedings were commenced in relation to our client’s claim and all evidence and witness statements were forwarded to Counsel for his perusal and opinion.

The matter was listed for Hearing at Mansfield County Court in July of this year where the Court Recorder who, following submissions made by Counsel for both parties, awarded Judgment in favour of our client with sums in relation to hire and recovery and storage to be made within 28 days.

Our client received monies for the pre-salvage value of his vehicle, together with a sum for loss of use of an alternative vehicle.