Work Accidents

£800k fine for construction company after employee run over by HGV

The Health and Safety Executive has investigated a construction company after one of its employees was suffered life-threatening injuries after being run over by a heavy goods vehicle. The worker was actually the site foreman of a large housing development and he was struck as he walking along the site road. (more…)

Salvage firm fined £30k after worker disfigured in workplace accident

A salvage firm has been fined after being found guilty of breaching Health and Safety in the Workplace rules.  The company under investigation had featured on television programmes but this negative publicity may affect its chances of appearing on any television programmes in the future. (more…)

Man suffers hand injury in recycling plant

A worker was rushed to hospital after losing two fingers in a workplace accident. The incident happened at a recycling centre which had already been under investigation after employers were at risk of inhaling toxic fumes from plastics. (more…)

Company workplace health and safety failings lead to crushing injuries

A manufacturing company has been fined £20,000 and ordered to pay legal costs after an employee sustained crushing injuries when a door collapsed on him. (more…)

Court of Appeal judgement sets benchmark for asbestos related disease sufferers

A landmark Court of Appeal judgement in Carder v The University of Exeter has set a benchmark for compensation because it agreed that the University was, in part, responsible to a small degree for a staff member’s asbestos-related lung disease. A retired electrician who worked at the University has successfully claimed that his lung disease is worse as a result of his exposure to asbestos at the University even though he was a contractor there and not a full time employee. (more…)

Engineering company fined after worker sustains crushing injuries to hands

The Health and Safety Executive have fined an engineering company for breaching health and safety regulations after one of its workers mangled his hand in some heavy machinery. The accident happened last year when a fabricator was working using a three roller bender for manufacturing aluminium and his glove got caught and dragged between two of the rollers. (more…)

Worker hospitalised after falling down a service riser shaft

A construction company has been investigated by the HSE after one of its employees sprained both ankles after falling 4.5 metres through a service riser shaft. (more…)

Fork lift truck accident leaves worker injured

A worker had to air-lifted to hospital after sustaining serious injuries at work. Emergency services were called at approx. 9.30 am and responded with 2 ambulances and a paramedic response vehicle. After assessing the injured man it was decided that an air ambulance would be necessary due to the severity of the injuries. (more…)

Company fined £40,000 under the COSHH act

The HSE investigated a manufacturing company after one of its workers contracted allergic contact dermatitis which is a skin disease caused by exposure to toxic substances. (more…)

Telecoms Company fined £1/2 million for workplace accident

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has investigated one of the biggest telecoms company in the UK for breaching health and safety laws after one of its employees fell from a height and broke his back. (more…)

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