Holiday Accidents

Couple seek compensation after being injured in accident on route to the airport

A young couple are seeking holiday compensation after the bus they were travelling In back to the airport after their holiday was in a collision with a quad bike. According to the holiday makers, the bus was driving very close to a quad bike and then the bus driver made the decision to try and overtake the vehicle. (more…)

£11k settlement for being bitten by bed bugs and food poisoning on holiday of a lifetime!

By booking a five star hotel, you would think that bed bugs would be a non-issue but, for one family, they were the cause of a disastrous holiday from hell. (more…)

Travel firm leaves family stranded at airport

A well-known travel firm has been lambasted by a family and friends after they cancelled a flight home without leaving any representative to help them find alternative accommodation, flights or transport home. (more…)

Family awarded over £4k in compensation after overbooking nightmare

A family of four have been awarded compensation after their £2,300 holiday to Tenerife was ruined as a result of overbooking an easyjet flight. The family who have two boys under twelve were not allowed to fly as there were no seats together and easyjet rules state that children must be accompanied by an adult. (more…)

Family crippled with food poisoning on holiday of a life time

A family who had scrimped and saved for five years for their dream holiday have returned ill and bitterly disappointed. The family of four had booked a £3,000, all inclusive holiday to a four star hotel in Lanzarote with hopes of a fantastic experience in the sun but on arrival there were already warning signs that there could be problems. (more…)

Dream holiday turns into sceptic nightmare

A couple are seeking compensation from their travel company after their dream trip to Mexico results in a man lying in intensive care in hospital with Sepsis, seriously ill. (more…)

Couple spend holiday with ‘mystery’ stomach bug

A couple has decided to take legal action the majority of their relaxing family holiday in Egypt was ruined by a debilitating stomach illness. (more…)

How was your holiday?

For many, the holiday season is well and truly over but, for a lucky few, they are still enjoying the sunshine in far off places. As a country we are not great complainers but did you know that you may have a right to compensation if your journey was badly delayed, your standard of holiday was not what you paid for or you or your family became ill as a result of poor hotel hygiene. (more…)

Holiday hell after contracting salmonella

It’s every person’s worst holiday nightmare- saving for months, years to take your family away for a week or two, only to contract a nasty stomach bug which means you can’t leave your hotel room and in some extreme cases puts you or a love one in hospital. (more…)

Five figure compensation for holiday accident

A 64 year old man has been successful in his compensation claim against a well known travel company and been awarded a five-figure compensation payout.  The accident happened during a tennis game when he fell over an uncovered gully and crashed into a metal bin next to the court.  He seriously injured his arm which ruined his holiday and left him unable to work for three months. (more…)

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