Brain Injuries

Clinical negligence results in brain-damage boy receiving £6m payout

A boy who was the victim of clinical negligence in the first few days of his life has at last received a sizeable payout for his life changing injuries. (more…)

Young girl sent home with fractured skull

A mother is furious after her 13 year old daughter’s fractured skull was only diagnosed after a third medical assessment. The injury occurred after the girl fell over in a park and banged her head. She was assessed by a paramedic at the time who advised her to go went home and take pain killers. Shortly after arriving home the girl started to vomit violently and had problems with her eyesight. (more…)

Serious accident calls for services of Air Ambulance

An Air ambulance was summoned shortly after 5pm in the evening after they received reports that a pedestrian had been involved in a collision with a car. The accident happened during rush hour on a busy road and involved a pedestrian and a Vauxhall Vectra. (more…)

Man left with brain injury after street assault

A man in his late 30s has been left for dead in a street, bloodied and beaten in the early hours of the morning. He had clearly been assaulted and appeared to have sustained a traumatic head injury and was rushed to Hospital. (more…)

£10m pay out from United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust for mistakes made during a baby’s delivery

A 12 year old boy as won a huge compensation pay out from an NHS Hospital Trust as a result of them accepting mistakes were made during his birth. (more…)

Payout for girl given brain injury at birth

A young girl has won a clinical negligence case against her Hospital after she sustained brain damage as a baby. Medical staff took a blood sample shortly after her premature birth and a court has agreed that this procedure caused a subdural haematoma in her brain. As a result her Hospital has agreed to pay damages to the seven-year-old girl. (more…)