Cosmetic Surgery

Royal College of Surgeons publish online check list for those seeking cosmetic surgery

Back at the end of June this year we reported on the news that the General Medical Council (GMC) had published a guide advising patients on how to go about researching and checking their clinic and surgeon before undergoing cosmetic surgery invasive or non-invasive.  The industry is growing at quite a rate and in 2015 there were more than 51,000 private cosmetic procedures performed in the UK. (more…)

Man receives £18,000 dental compensation for poor cosmetic dental care

A 70 year old man, who suffered years of pain from poorly fitted bridges, has been awarded compensation after it was agreed his gum disease was not correctly diagnosed and led to bone loss, unnecessary teeth extraction and intrusive dental work that has little chance of working. (more…)

Cosmetic surgery under fire for ‘irresponsible’ advert

A cosmetic surgery company has been criticised for producing a television advert which some feel plays on young women’s insecurities about their bodies.  The advert features a fashion blogger who talks about how she has never liked looking at certain parts of her body: (more…)

General Medical Council writes guidelines for people considering cosmetic surgery

The General Medical Council (GMC) has published a guide advising patients to go through a checklist before signing on the dotted line and agreeing to undergo cosmetic surgery. The aim is that by going through the safety checks there will be less mistakes thus reducing the number of cosmetic blunders. (more…)

Botched cosmetic surgery costs £7 million in compensation

According to a newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ report out recently, the number of patients disappointed with their medical care during and after cosmetic surgery is increasing. (more…)

MP demands tougher regulations on cosmetic surgery industry

A Durham MP has been making noises in parliament after one of his constituents suffered a botched procedure leaving her unable to close her eyes. Mr Jones has been demanding increased protection for cosmetic surgery patients who are unfortunate enough to experience ‘botched’ operations. (more…)

Numbers of suspended plastic surgeons are growing

After 60 complaints about his work, a foreign plastic surgeon has been suspended; however this is not the first case of this occurring. Many foreign plastic surgeons are flying to the UK to work in private hospitals and then leave as soon as the job is done. (more…)

Illegal teeth whitener successful prosecuted

Teeth whitening, if done badly, can cause serious long term problems to the teeth and gums.  Because the process can involve some fairly dangerous substances (bleach) it is essential it is carried out by someone who is trained and knows what they are doing.


GDC prosecutes illegal tooth whitener

There have been concerns within the dental industry about illegal practices with the rise in cosmetic dental treatments. Clinics are popping up offering cheap deals on teeth whitening or Botox injections and patients are at risk of receiving poor treatment from unqualified or poorly trained individuals.


Cosmetic surgeon who was struck off can now operate again!

A cosmetic surgeon who was found guilty by a medical tribunal for providing poor cosmetic care to a number of his patients has been allowed to operate again despite being struck off the medical register. (more…)

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