Cycling Accidents

Van collides with cyclist on busy A road

A cyclist has been seriously injured following a collision with van on a busy A road. The accident happened at approximately 7.45 am during rush hour and Police closed the roads to allow for emergency services to attend to the injured cyclist. (more…)

Cyclist left with serious injuries after collision with car

Emergency services were called to an incident at around 11.15 am when a cyclist was dismounted from their bike. The road traffic accident happened on a main road and Police closed the road both ways to allow the cyclist to receive treatment and also to allow an air ambulance to land. (more…)

Pothole leaves cyclist hospitalised

Potholes, caused by cold weather and poorly maintained roads, continue to be the scourge of cyclists who can be seriously injured if they swerve to avoid or if their front tyre becomes lodged. A recent example of this is when a cyclist suffered serious head injuries after hitting a pothole at speed and was dismounted. (more…)

Cyclist seriously injures leg after collision with lorry

A man in his 30s has been rushed to hospital with a fractured leg after colliding with a lorry. (more…)

Cyclist to sue his County Council for alleged failure to maintain the roads

A cyclist is seeking between £50,000 to £100,000 compensation from his County Council as a result of being seriously injured when his bike hit a pothole. (more…)

Insurance company launches road safety initiatives

Aviva is launching two road safety initiatives aimed at its Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) fleet customers and cyclists to help reduce the number of incidents involving both groups, thereby reducing the number of cyclist casualties. (more…)

Study reveals more cyclists being injured by open car doors

Recent figures show that motorists in the UK caused 595 door-related cycling accidents in 2011, up from 413 in 2009, growth of over a quarter in just 2 years.

Road safety groups have highlighted the need for drivers to routinely check their mirrors before opening their door in order to avoid cyclists making contact or having to swerve into dangerous situations. (more…)

Plymouth council reduce speed limits to improve cycling safety

Traffic chiefs have imposed a 20mph speed limit on a Plymouth road in an attempt to make cycling and walking safer.

The City’s Council has imposed the new lower speed limit down Richmond Walk in Stonehouse.

They say the reduction from 30mph to 20mph has been made to help promote cycling and walking between different parts of the city and to make it safer.


Widow Accepts £200,000 Compensation after Fatal Cycling Accident

A Widow has accepted more than £200,000 in compensation after her husband was killed in a fatal cycling accident on the A1.

The Ketton woman agreed to settle the case two weeks before it was due to go in court.


Teenage Boy Killed in Cycling Accident

A teenage cyclist from London has been killed after a collision with a car, which then failed to stop at the scene.

The 17-year-old boy died just a few hours after the crash in south-east London. 


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