Motorbike Accidents

Motorbike and car road traffic accident closes three mile stretch of road

An Air Ambulance crew and paramedics were called to a busy road after there had been reports of an accident at approximately 12.30pm. The accident involved a car and a motorbike and it is thought the motorcyclist was dismounted and required urgent medical treatment on the roadside. (more…)

Collision with 4 x 4 vehicles leaves motorcyclist injured on roadside

A man has been injured after his motorcycle was involved in a road traffic accident with a 4×4. Emergency crews received calls about an accident in a busy town centre leaving a motorcyclist dismounted on the road.


Motorcyclist urges riders to attend road safety awareness course after witnessing a crash

A keen motorcyclist who attended a motorcycle safety course has appealed to other bikers to take extra care and consider attending a road safety course after witnessing a road traffic accident on his way home. (more…)

Police hunt hit and run driver after motorcyclist injured.

A driver of a Lexus car is being tracked down after they left their vehicle following a collision with a motorcycle rider. The accident happened at around 12.40pm whereby there was a collision and the motorcyclist was dismounted badly injuring his leg. (more…)