Personal Injury

A man has been imprisoned for 5 1/2 years after pretending to be a registered dentist

An unregistered dentist took on the identity of a qualified dentist to get a job in the UK has left a trail of pain and destruction in his wake. (more…)

Burton Hospitals issues apology for missed cancer treatment times

A hospital Trust has issued letters of apology to cancer patients after it failed to meet the national health targets in June. The hospitals failed to ensure that at least 85%s of cancer patients received urgent , often lifesaving treatment within 62 days of referral. (more…)

Dentist struck off by GDC for putting 1000’s of patients at risk

Shamed dentist Desmond D’Mello has been officially struck off by General Dental Council for numerous failings in his working practices. The dentist was exposed back in 2014 after secret filming of his practices revealed a serious lax in hygiene standards. (more…)

Elderly woman injured after bag gets snagged on passing lorry

An elderly woman has been seriously injured in a freak accident after a bag she was carrying got caught on a passing lorry, causing her to be pulled to the ground. (more…)

Woman devastated after being found pregnant after a sterilisation operation

Whether you are a man or a woman, the decision to be sterilised should not be taken lightly and for one woman who had made the decision, she has found herself in a tragic situation.

Surgeon removes testicle by accident and then tries to cover up mistake

A surgeon is being investigated by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal after there were claims he botched an operation after removing a testicle following a routine surgery to remove a cyst. (more…)

Dental patient wins compensation after dental negligence

A 22 year old man has received a £13k payout after he experienced painful dental condition which resulted in him having a tooth extracted and left him with permanent scarring. He claimed that his dentist mis-diagnosed a discharging lesion. (more…)

Teenager wins payout after being injured at birth

A 16 year old girl has been awarded compensation after a judge agreed that her shoulder injury and nerve damage was caused by clinical negligence during her birth. (more…)

Woman receives 6 figure pay out after receiving poor dental care

A woman has been devastated and “mortified” after finding out she would be losing a tooth as a result of a chronic infection. The woman claimed that her dentist had mis-diagnosed an infection in two of her teeth and failure to act and provide treatment led to her losing a tooth. (more…)

Woman left in excruciating pain after dental work

A woman took drastic action after an abscess became so painful that she burst it to try and relieve the pain. (more…)