Car Accidents

Road traffic collision results in emergency services cutting driver free from vehicle

An accident on a busy artery road to a city centre caused chaos on roads when they were closed whilst Police, fire crews and paramedics dealt with a serious accident.  (more…)

£17k in pothole compensation for Council in 2015

Under the 1980 Highways Act, a council can be liable if a roads defects causes someone “to suffer an injury or damage to property.”  Road users have been exercising their rights to compensation when their vehicles become damaged by potholes. (more…)

Woman cut free from car after being injured in 3 car road traffic collision

Fire and emergency crews were called to the site of an accident whereby a 63-year-old woman had become trapped in her vehicle after being involved in a road traffic accident involving 3 other vehicles. (more…)

Police car and Royal Mail van collide in road traffic accident

A main road was closed for six hours to allow vehicles to be recovered and for crash investigators to assess a crash site, after a Police vehicle and a Postal van were involved in a road traffic accident. The accident happened in the very early hours of the morning at approximately 3.30 am. (more…)

3 car road traffic accident causes mayhem on the roads

An accident involving three vehicles has resulted in three people being taken to hospital with injuries. The accident happened at approximately 6.30pm, in a busy town centre on a busy commuting B road as it joins an A road. (more…)

Woman injures back in accident

Emergency services, including fire crews and paramedics, were called to the scene of a road traffic accident during rush hour after there were reports of an accident whereby a female driver was in a collision. (more…)

Man airlifted to hospital after road traffic accident

A busy a road was closed to allow an air ambulance to land following a road traffic accident involving a Vauxhall Corsa and a Mercedes. The accident happened at around 1pm and resulted in both drivers being injured, one needing to be cut free from his vehicle. (more…)

Man air lifted to hospital after collision on bypass.

An accident occurred on a busy road whereby a driver of a Vauxhall Corsa was seriously injured and rushed to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment.

The accident occurred at around 1 pm in the afternoon on a busy bypass and emergency services including Police, Fire service and paramedics had to close the roads in both directions whilst they dealt with the casualties and the crash scene. (more…)