Church Fined after Man Paralysed in Work Accident

A church council based in South Kensington has been fined after a man was left paralysed from the waist down when he fell from a height in a shock work accident.

The self-employed man, who wished to remain anonymous, feel three meters from a poorly guarded balcony at St Paul’s Church in Onslow Square.

As a result of the work accident, the man suffered three broken ribs a broken back and a broken shoulder.

The accident happened while the man was helping to install an adjustable floor with the Holy Trinity Brompton Parish Council. They have admitted to breaching health and safety laws by not erecting a temporary barrier on the balcony.

They were fined £5,000 and ordered to pay a further £4,458 in costs at the Westminster Magistrates Court hearing last month.

During the hearing the court heard how a safety barrier had originally been put in place but then removed after complaints that it prevented the movement of materials around the site.

The parish council said it deeply regretted the decision and has come to a compensation agreement with the accident victim.

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