Clinical negligence compensation payouts soar to nearly £12m for Lincolnshire Hospital Trust

Last year there were 88 claims made against the United Lincolnshire hospitals trust which resulted in £11.9 million in damages being paid out for clinical negligence by the NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA). On top of this they also had to cover the legal costs on both sides which equated to £6.4 million.

The amount of compensation pay-out was only the 7th highest figure for NHS Trust in England but there was a notable 26% increase from the previous year when compensation sums were only £9.4 million.

It is also important to note that these claims, although settled in 2015/16, could relate to incidents that had taken place many years earlier. According to the NHS LA, the size of a hospitals clinical negligence claims can also depend on what wards exist at the hospital ie. a labour ward or whether there are specialist departments which conduct complex operations as opposed to routine operations where the risks are lower.

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