Clinical negligence results in brain-damage boy receiving £6m payout

A boy who was the victim of clinical negligence in the first few days of his life has at last received a sizeable payout for his life changing injuries.

The incident happened two days after the boy was born when medical staff failed to see the baby had low blood sugar levels which left him with permanent brain damage.  The boy, who is now 10 years old, suffered hypoglycaemic brain damage which means he is physically disabled, has epilepsy and learning difficulties.

The award of £6m in compensation will go towards helping his family provide the 24 hour care and support he now needs.

His mother said: “Finding out …… brain damage was due to poor care was extremely distressing and we have faced some difficult times.

“It is reassuring to know … that we can finally begin to move on with our lives and focus on ensuring ………. can benefit from the support that is now available to him.

“Our main priority has – and always will be – to ensure we can meet ……. needs and that he has access to help and support he needs.

“However, we are very keen that lessons are learned to ensure that other babies in the same situation get the care that they urgently need.”

Mistakes like these are thankfully very rare but when they do happen they have devastating consequences for the patient and the family as a whole. Compensation is essential in order to provide the lifetime care for the victim which may include household modifications, round the clock medical care and rehabilitation.

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