Cold snap causes mayhem

Icy roads have contributed to an accident whereby a vehicle has skidded on ice and collided with a barrier. Other vehicles had to do an emergency stop to avoid the vehicle which could have ended up being a multi-car collision.

Emergency services attended the scene of the accident along with fire crews who had to ensure the car was safe after smoke was seen coming from the bonnet of the car.

Fortunately the driver only received minor injuries and was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Police closed the road in order to remove the vehicle safely and any other debris on the road including ice.

Police warn that the sudden drops in temperature overnight causes areas of patchy black ice and it is important that drivers bare this in mind and adjust their driving styles accordingly. They may be required to take a longer, safer routes if there is chances of less ice on the roads.

They also stress the importance of keeping a good distance between your own car and the vehicle in front to prevent heavy breaking or sudden steering manoeuvres.

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