Company boss to payout £30,000 for sexually harassing a widow

A mother of two has successfully won her employment tribunal case which she brought a case against her boss for a campaign of sexual harassment. According to the recruitment manager, she was groped by her boss and compared to a bondage model. Other degrading behaviour included being called “proper top totty” in front of clients after refusing to pick a pen off the floor and being laughed about in the office as “someone who works in a dubious establishment.”During the employment tribunal she claimed she was the victim of a sustained campaign of sexual harassment by the MD which began almost as soon as she arrived when she received a bondage email with a picture of a semi-naked woman in bondage gear, asking: “Have you got a suit like this?” She told the tribunal that she had to endure the laughter of colleagues when he added: “She does look like you.”

She said: “I did not report this at the time as I was relatively new in my position and I really needed this job due to my personal circumstance and did not wish to rock the boat.”

The woman had lost her husband in 2009 in a car accident.

“I kind of hoped that after a while he would get bored making such comments and sending offensive emails.”

The woman claimed she was groped during a conversation with the MD when she asked for a salary advance to go on holiday with her two children. She was so shocked by the incident that she reported it to HR but found that on her return from holiday she was made redundant “within a hour” of returning to work.

The employment tribunal panel unanimously upheld her sexual harassment claims and ordered the MD to pay £29,526 in damages and more than £12,000 in legal costs.

The delighted claimant said: “I’ve made a stand”

“This means a lot to me…I’ve made a stand for lots of women who are afraid to speak out”.

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