Company Fined £40,000 after Work Accident in Car Shredder

A recycling firm in Derbyshire has been fined £40,000 after one of its workers suffered serious injuries when he became trapped in a car-crushing machine.

The man was working for Donald Ward Limited, which trades as Wards Recycling when the work accident happened in the middle of 2009.

The company recycles cars and the worker and his colleague were attempting to clear a blockage from the machine which crushes and shreds cars so that they can be recycled.

The pair went inside to try and clear the blockage when the car fell down, trapping him.

The prosecuting Health and Safety Executive said, “The blockages happened around once a month and there was only one member of the team who was fully trained in the mechanics of the fragmentiser. He was on holiday and a deputy was not left in charge.

“This accident could have been prevented. The worker should have been told that they were not to enter the machine.”

The worker suffered injuries to his kidneys, spleen and liver as a result of the accident and was in intensive care for five days.

He also broke his shoulder blade and four ribs.

Since the accident the company has made changes to its working practices and dealing with any blockage is now a three-person task.

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