Company workplace health and safety failings lead to crushing injuries

A manufacturing company has been fined £20,000 and ordered to pay legal costs after an employee sustained crushing injuries when a door collapsed on him.
The worker was replacing a heavy part of a factory door when the accident happened. Working alongside another maintenance colleague, they were removing the hinges and brackets on the heavy door which then collapsed onto one of the workers, pinning him to a baler.

The employee was very lucky to not to have been more seriously injured or even killed due to the weight of the door pressing down on him.

He sustained serious injuries including asphyxiation and broken ribs and was unconsciousness for eight hours. The HSE’s investigation found that due care had not been taken when assessing the dangers of the job involved and therefore had not prepared or properly managed the process.

The company had failed to provide appropriate equipment, training or guidance on how to do the work safely and as a result pleaded guilty to Section 2(1) Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and was fined £20,000 and ordered to pay £2,714.10 in costs.

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