Compensation for woman who nearly died from a medical blunder

A woman nearly died and had to spend a week in intensive care after she was given intravenous drugs using a central line in her neck. As a result of incorrect techniques used to insert the central line, she developed a severe infection which resulted in her condition deteriorating rapidly.
The woman was in hospital for a routine bowel operation when she received the incorrect post operation care which led to her ending up on a life support machine.

As a result of the medical blunder she has received an undisclosed settlement figure from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust after it admitted failures in the way she was given intravenous drugs at the Northern General Hospital.

She has now developed post traumatic stress disorder since being released from hospital and her husband has been vocal about who he believes to be at fault for the incident.  He said: “This isn’t a personal attack on the nurses and we aren’t blaming any individual for what happened.

“We feel it shows the way the health care system is failing. The nursing staff are that rushed because of cutbacks and are short staffed that they haven’t got the appropriate time to spend on each patients and do things correctly.

“If they put more money into having more staff and more training they would make less mistakes and have less negligence pay outs.”

He continued: “It has never been about the money, it has been about the principle.

“If they had done their job properly in the first place then we wouldn’t have had a legal case against them.”

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