Compensation pay-out for engineer who sustained severe brain injury at work

A maintenance engineer’s family have successfully claimed compensation for his horrific accident at work. The accident happened whilst he was removing a pillar in order to create a new walkway. The 65 year old was using an angle grinder to remove the bottom section of the pillar when suddenly the top section of the pillar fell hitting him on the head causing a catastrophic brain injury.

The engineer suffered a swelling on the brain as well as fractures to his neck. He had to have parts of his skull removed to allow for the swelling to prevent further brain damage and was in a coma following the accident.

He has suffered life changing injuries and spent 7 months in recovering in hospital. He has been diagnosed with aphasia and dysphasia causing him to struggle to understand and process words and he also suffers from a number of other problems from his brain injury including right side hearing loss, neck pain, tinnitus and depression. He now needs 24 hour care for the rest of his life and his family decided to seek compensation to help pay for his care needs.

An investigation into the accident revealed his employers had not done a risk assessment of the work to be done and failed to warn the engineer and his team of the potential dangers of removing the pillar. They also failed to provide any training on how to do the job safely.

His wife said: “Our family have been left to pick up the pieces after a devastating accident.

“He is a husband, father and grandfather, and we’ve had to witness how his life has been destroyed because of what has happened to him.

She added: “He.. is a changed man; he will have to live with his conditions for the rest of his life supported by his family and carers. That’s why securing compensation was so important for us, so we now know that his long-term care needs will always be looked after.”

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