Cosmetic surgeon struck off for cut price botched operations

A cosmetic surgeon has been struck off the medical register after a medical tribunal branded his practises ‘deplorable’ and ruled that he ‘presents a risk to patients’. The MPTS panel heard how the dodgy surgeon, who passed his exams in Germany in 1979, failed to take adequate medical histories of patients and failed to provide full information on the dangers of surgery.

A panel spokesman said: ‘The panel has evidence before it from the patients’ witness statements where his attitude towards them is described as “arrogant” and not willing to listen.

‘His failings placed patients at risk of harm; some did suffer direct harm as a result of his lack of care.’

The tribunal came about after a number of women were left in pain and with severe injuries after being treated by the cosmetic surgeon. One woman was left with horrific disfigurement to her nose and another was left with a dent in her breast and a nipple that was too high after botched cosmetic surgery.

A patient spoke of her horror at being left disfigured and in need of reconstructive surgery after her £2,200 nose operation when badly wrong and her nasal passage collapsed 6 months after surgery .

She said: ‘It was like something from a horror movie…I had stitches all over the septum in the middle of my nose. I was in severe pain. I had a terrible taste in the back of my mouth and I was generally unwell.

‘But he still didn’t explain why the tip of my nose had been so damaged.’

‘The surgeon persuaded me I had to give it more time to heal… I asked to speak to the surgeon to ask what happened but I was told by a nurse he wasn’t available.’

The tribunal Chairman said: ‘standards fell below or seriously below those to be expected of a competent cosmetic surgeon.

‘The failings were wide-ranging and occurred over a two-year period.’

Successful Claim Cases

To help you understand if you have a valid cosmetic surgery claim, here are a few examples that have resulted in a successful compensation claims:

  • Scarring that results directly from cosmetic surgery and is more than could be reasonably expected following an operation
  • Uneven or badly scarred breasts as a result of breast augmentation/breast reduction
  • Nerve damage that has resulted from a facelift procedure
  • A perforated bowel that occurred during a ‘tummy tuck’ operation.

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