Cosmetic surgeon who was struck off can now operate again!

A cosmetic surgeon who was found guilty by a medical tribunal for providing poor cosmetic care to a number of his patients has been allowed to operate again despite being struck off the medical register. The cosmetic surgeon appealed the medical council’s decision and whilst his case is being reviewed he is allowed to continue practicing.

His tribunal case came about after they received a number of complaints from unhappy patients who had been left disfigured after botched operations. One poor woman was left with a caved in nose following a bargain nose operation, another woman suffered dented breasts whilst another of his patients suffered tissue necrosis after not being advised of the dangers of smoking whilst recovering from an operation. Whilst the surgeons case is on appeal the High Court judges have ordered the General Medical Council (GMC) to reinvestigate the allegations against him.

A GMC spokesperson commented:

‘We believe the panel’s decision to stop him from practising medicine was the right one and was necessary to protect patients. ‘Following a legal challenge from the doctor, the High Court referred the matter back to the panel. ‘However, we remain of the view that the original decision was correct and are now taking the case to the Court of Appeal.

‘We are here to protect the public and make sure that doctors who treat patients are safe to do so.’

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