Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Claimant Law have a dedicated team of cosmetic surgery claims specialists that can help you get compensation for injuries or problems that you may have incurred as a direct result of plastic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery is as popular now as it has ever been, as increasingly more people are willing to go through the process of an operation in order to enhance or improve their physical appearance.

For many of you, cosmetic surgery will go smoothly without any problems, however there are unfortunately a percentage for whom the results were not as expected.

If you feel that you have suffered a personal injury from the result of a cosmetic surgery operation then you could be entitled to make a cosmetic surgery claim.

Successful Claim Cases

To help you understand if you have a valid cosmetic surgery claim, here are a few examples that have resulted in a successful compensation claims:

  • Scarring that results directly from cosmetic surgery and is more than could be reasonably expected following an operation
  • Uneven or badly scarred breasts as a result of breast augmentation/breast reduction
  • Nerve damage that has resulted from a facelift procedure
  • A perforated bowel that occurred during a ‘tummy tuck’ operation.

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