Cosmetic surgery under fire for ‘irresponsible’ advert

A cosmetic surgery company has been criticised for producing a television advert which some feel plays on young women’s insecurities about their bodies.  The advert features a fashion blogger who talks about how she has never liked looking at certain parts of her body:

“I never really looked at any part of my body past my neck because it wasn’t something I liked.”

The blogger claimed that after her breast surgery:

“I feel like a new person, from having nothing to then looking at yourself with boobs, it was the weirdest thing. Everyone was like ‘Wow, they look so natural, I’m so impressed.

“And to come away from it feeling 10 times more confident than you were, I think, is just an amazing feeling.”

Critics claimed that the advert was implying that breast-enhancement surgery changes lives and makes people more attractive, more confident and therefore more popular.  There were concerns that the 21 year old, who has over 500,000 followers (many of them teenagers), was sending potential harmful message to young girls under 18.

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) commented that there was too much emphasis in the advert on the bloggers negative opinion of her body and what she hated about it and that now she has had the surgery, her life as a blogger is better, implying she will become more popular.

Any cosmetic ad that suggests your life will be better and more successful after cosmetic surgery to correct so called ‘imperfections’ is irresponsible especially when the target audience is very young, which is the case with the 21 year old blogger.

The cosmetic company responded:

“We have undertaken every reasonable precaution to ensure the advert complied with the advertising regulation prior to its broadcast.”

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