Couple seek compensation after being injured in accident on route to the airport

A young couple are seeking holiday compensation after the bus they were travelling In back to the airport after their holiday was in a collision with a quad bike. According to the holiday makers, the bus was driving very close to a quad bike and then the bus driver made the decision to try and overtake the vehicle. The couple reported that shortly after making the manoeuvre, the bus suddenly halted throwing a number of holiday makers forward including the claimant who landed in the bus aisle.

As a result of the collision the two claimants sustained injuries including bad bruising and the woman hit her head and both were in pain for a few weeks following the accident.
The man told the ECHO: “It happened 15 minutes into the journey from the hotel to the airport. The coach was following a quad bike, and was really close behind it.

“He went to overtake but then suddenly hit the brakes and we went flying. The next day I felt painfully stiff and took the day off work. Now, I’m only on light duties.”
‘I don’t get sick pay in my job.’
“I’d like to think people would get taken to and from their hotel in a safe way, but this wasn’t safe.
“It was the last thing we expected after a relaxing holiday. We’ve ended up coming home feeling worse than when we went.
“We just want to make sure that the accident is properly investigated so that future incidents of this kind can be prevented.”

The tour operator said:
“The safety of our customers is our first priority, and the detailed incident reports and witness statements taken at the time show no injuries caused.

Obviously this can be incredibly frustrating because you have saved up your hard earned money to go on holiday, only to have it wasted through no fault of your own. Here at Claimant Law we help those that have found themselves in this situation to claim compensation.  Compensation claims can be made to cover any money that has been wasted or lost due to your illness or accident and can also help cover medical fees, early flights home and more.

Successful compensation claims include:

  • A holiday accident as a result of a building defect.
    An injury as a result of a day excursion.
    An accident caused by furniture breaking
    A holiday illness that was caused by poor hygiene or food poisoning.