Cruise ship nightmare for celebrating couple

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, getting so ill on holiday that you can’t even leave your bedroom. Now imagine not only being bed bound with a crippling stomach ache and chronic diarrhoea but also being the main carer for your disabled partner who relies on you for basic care and who is also ill with the same symptoms.

A couple is suing a cruise operator after finding themselves in this exact position after a gastric illness ruined their holiday of a lifetime.

The couple had used their life savings to book the luxury 12 day cruise for a 60th year celebration and were looking forward to a dream holiday. However, within days of starting the cruise, the wife fell sick along with a number of other cruise passengers and was confined to her cabin. She was bed bound for three days and was incapable of looking after her husband who was disabled and who also developed sickness, nausea and diarrhoea shortly after her. The husband was so ill he was confined to his cabin for the remainder of the holiday.

“This was meant to be a very special holiday for my partner and I to spend important time together, but it was the most disappointing holiday we have ever been on,”

“It just felt like a waste of money.

The woman spoke about how it affected her husband who “is a disabled amputee and I am his carer, but the illness knocked me for six and I was so exhausted I couldn’t help him in the same capacity as I normally would.

“For several days all we saw was the inside of the cabin – it was awful. We paid a considerable sum of money for this trip and it was a nightmare.

“We deserve to know how we ended up suffering like we did and what is being done to stop it from happening again. I wouldn’t wish what we have been through on my worst enemy.”

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  •     An accident caused by furniture breaking
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