Cyclist to sue his County Council for alleged failure to maintain the roads

A cyclist is seeking between £50,000 to £100,000 compensation from his County Council as a result of being seriously injured when his bike hit a pothole. The incident happened back in 2009 when the 56 year old was out cycling with two friends whilst training for a charity event. His bike tyre is alleged to have got stuck in a rut in the road causing the bike to stop and it lurched forward throwing the rider onto the roadside.As a result of the fall the man was knocked unconscious and was rushed to hospital with a severely broken arm and a serious head injury. He remained in hospital for some time and was unable to return to work for seven weeks.

He said “I’ve had life-changing injuries. The hearing in my right ear is poor. I don’t feel pain or temperature the same way. I have pins and needles. If [the council] is not doing what it should in terms of looking after the road, it needs to have attention drawn to it.” He also says he has suffered loss of hearing, short term memory loss and nerve damage.

The man, who has been unable to ride a bike since the accident, believes his helmet saved his life and dreads to think of the consequences if he had not been wearing protective head gear. It is the councils duty under the 1980 Highways Act to maintain the roads to ensure they are fit for purpose and do not pose a danger to people who use them.

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