Cyclist’s bike stolen whilst helping motorcycle accident victim

A cyclist who stopped to help a motorcycle accident victim had her bike stolen by an opportunist thief.

Doctor Jennifer Perry was on her commute home when she saw a crowd of people gathered around a motorcycle rider. She stopped to help only to have her bike stolen.

“The motorcyclist had come off his bike and was lying in the road with a few people standing round,” explained Doctor Perry, who is trained as a medical doctor.

“There was a car parked blocking the road to stop the traffic,” she continued.

“I quickly rushed over to see if he was okay. My bike was resting by my leg while I was checking on the motorcyclist. I suddenly felt it move and looked round and saw a boy making off with it. He was so quick, I tried to chase but I would never have caught him.”

The bike was only 2 months old and cost the doctor £400.

She added, “I stopped to help and for someone to take advantage of that in such a way is upsetting. You have to wonder what the world is coming to.”

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